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Traceability and Vision Systems

  • The 7 Step Traceability Execution System:
  • Unique Identification (UID) - A unique Identification number. Data Matrix is applied early in the process.
  • Verification - Check quality of UID matrix against standards and generate report.
  • Production Data Capture - Capture Manufacturing data and associate with the parts UID.
  • Production Sequence Control - Ensure the part has gone through all of the correct processes.
  • Assembly - Parts are cross referenced against the bill of material, and are associated to the assemblies UID.
  • Traceability Monitoring - Real time reporting of part and process histories. Providing full cycle traceability with associated cost savings.
  • Andon - Real time monitoring of production efficiency.

What is a Scanner See ?
Basic Parameters For Selection Of Barcode Scanner :
  • Type of Code (1D,2D)
  • Printing technology (Paper code or direct marking)
  • If DPM then Laser or Dotpeen.
  • Size of Code.
  • Working Distance.
  • Field of View
  • Multiple code or single code reading.
  • Moving or stationary
  • Multiple Height or Same.
Scanner Products :
  • Fixed Mount
  • Hand Held Scanners
  • Verifiers
  • Mobile Devices

Basic Parameters For Selection of Vision System
  • Type of Part.
  • Parts Details
  • Variants.
  • Size & Shape of Variants.
  • Parameters to check.
  • Accuracy level required.
  • Field of View (ROI)
  • Working Distance
  • Lighting requirements
  • Steady application or Moving Application.
Types of Vision Systems :
  • 1D Vision Systems
  • 2D Vision Systems
  • 3D Vision Systems
  • Deep Learning Systems.
Scope of Machine Vision
  • Brake pad inspection
  • Cylinder Inspection.
  • Piston ring Inspection
  • Transmission assembly Inspection
  • Bead Inspection
  • Safety control Inspection.
  • Tire Assembly Inspection
  • Airbag canister Inspection.
  • Transport tray inspection